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Tour of Britain 2015 -JULY UPDATE

Get involved in the Tour of Britain

I hope you've all heard the great news and know the date off by heart!.  
Key facts:

  • Stage 3 starting in Cockermouth, on the main street about 10m down from Mayo
  • Race Start time 10.15am
  • Road closed from 4am on 8th from Wordsworth House end back to the bridge/edge of Market Place

Station Street is also closed


Grants of up to £3,000 are now available through the Connection Vouchers Scheme, operated  by Carlisle City Council, to help small and medium sized businesses in north Cumbria to upgrade their broadband connections. This includes charities and social enterprises as well as more “standard” businesses.

This includes areas of Copeland, Allerdale and Eden as well as Carlisle. Click on the eligibility map to check whether you’re in an eligible area.

Disc Parking

Disc Zones offer free, time-limited parking on-street in Cockermouth.

Businesses can obtain free clock discs from the Council offices in Cockermouth.  Alternatively, you can arrange to have discs dropped off by the traffic enforcement officers by calling Parking Services on 01946 506531


Getting started with 3D printers/Workshop - Tuesday 16th June. 9am-5pm

BEC Fab Lab provides a comprehensive introduction to 3D printing, from buying a printer to manufacturing your designs.

This event offers an introduction to how printers work, the different models, software and services on the market, and how you can join the on-demand manufacturing revolution to help with rapid prototyping and product development and manufacturing.

This course is for you if:

Tour of Britain 2015 - IMPORTANT UPDATE

Discussions and plans continue on the Tour of Britain Stage 3 start here in Cockermouth on the 8th September.  It’ll be a spotlight on the town and we’re trying to keep everyone informed with what we know.  Below is an outline from what I’ve managed to get from CCC who are coordinating with the tour team.  Please note, key facts will need further clarification so are ‘TBC’ - To Be Confirmed!  Frustrating as this is,  a lot is yet to be understood from the tour team itself and with various groups/meetings and partners involved, it is all taking its time. 

Parking in Cumbria - Survey we need your opinion! CLOSING DATE 15th JUNE

As you may be aware, the FSB undertook a significant amount of work throughout 2014 to speak out on behalf of small businesses on the issue of new on-street parking charges across Cumbria.  We met with Councillors, sent forward petitions and surveys, met with Members of Parliament to get their backing and spoke out in the media on a regular basis.  The scrapping of the plans was very welcome.  Now we want to get ahead of the game and ensure that any future plans are business-friendly.  We have now developed some ideas which we would value your opinion on.

Cockermouth Live 2015

Over the weekend of 26th to 28th June - Cockermouth Live will be hosting events throughout the town, a festival of music, inspiration and family fun.

With plenty to see and participate in, this is an event for everyone.

Click HERE for more information on this fabulous weekend event, not to be missed.