Cockermouth Business News

Cockermouth by Candlelight 2nd December

Cockermouth by Candlelight will take place on the evening of Friday 2 December this year.
With several members of the organising committee having been flooded and having a lot on their plates, the decision has been made to revert to how the event was in year 1, so it will involve:
·         A lantern parade (starting at the Community Resource Centre next to the Town Hall at 6pm and finishing at the URC)
·         Late-night shopping (at least until 7pm - please get involved)

French Student Work Placement in 2017

I met with Jacqueline Guilters from our twinned town Marvejols who is a teacher over this week as part of the week long visit.

They are looking for 3-4 retail shops/supermarkets and 2-3 beauty salons who would take a student for 4 weeks next year for a free work placement.  These students are amongst the best in class and are studying both retail and beauty and this would placement would form part of their assessment.

Community group funding

Hi all, below is an extract from a CCC email.  If interested, links are shown below.

Cumbria County Council has funding available in your area.
Community grants are available for voluntary, not for profit and community groups for community based projects which will benefit the local area.  We have funded a wide range of community and voluntary organisations including playgroups, resident's action groups, sports groups, youth clubs, environmental groups, community centres and local charities.

Flood Insurance

It has been highlighted that some businesses may be now refused flood insurance as they come to renew their business/property insurance now. 

If you have been recently or are about to renew and are being faced with your insurer saying they'll refuse to cover you, please let us know ASAP.

We would need to know who the insurer is that is refusing you cover and any comments they are making.

Many thanks


Christmas Promotions

Yes, already talking about it but no doubt many of you have been planning it for months! 

If you've not already, this is a reminder about the Chamber promotion in the Christmas bumper Cumbria Life edition.  You should've already sent details in to Suzanne by Thursday 29th September but if you've not gone for that and want something else, we have now got over 2000 emails addresses that we are looking to send an autumn newsletter out to.

These are people who want to hear from us, local, regional and national, all who love the town and area as much as we do.