Message from Steve Bishop Chairman - Car Parking

Hi everyone, There is a live consultation in progress that I would strongly recommend everyone reads, reviews and responds to.  This relates parking services in Allerdale with ideas on charges of car parks and permits.  This went out to the press last week so you may have seen this already.  If you haven’t, please read! (Links at bottom of this article)
Please note, this is a consultation and is open until January 14th 2016 so please engage with this to have your say.  The more people who respond, the bigger and louder voice the town has.
The new parking services manager, Mike Hall, will be at our next Chamber meeting on Monday 7th December from 6pm to talk about ideas and take questions.  He may be able to answer some points on this but as this is a consultation, nothing is approved or signed off!  Regards Steve

Press Release

Car Parking Proposed Charges

Consultation Hard Copy