Flood news and tips

The latest news, offers of support and information to help flood affected businesses.

Cocker Bridge (by HSBC) is open after inspection.  Gote Bridge remains closed until further inspection can take place.

Collection of damaged items

Allerdale's Streetscene team are picking up flood-damaged items from outside properties in Cockermouth. They will take anything that will fit in the refuse vehicles. At the moment they are on a loop focusing on the worst hit areas.
If you have had flood-damaged goods outside your property for some time please call 01900 702800 and let them know the address – this will ensure that they are picked up at the next opportunity.

The councils are asking all businesses effected by the floods in any way to complete this survey  which will take a few minutes to do.  Please answer as it'll help support organisations understand what we need next.


Joe Broomfield has access to a list of electricians and their availablilty. Anyone wanting an electrician at short notice should get in touch with Joe and confirm the property address. Tel 01900 702568 Email Joe.Broomfield@Allerdale.gov.uk

Tax payment due?
HMRC have set up a dedicated tax help line for Cumbria and are being helpful in allowing deferment of bills due. The number is 0800 904 7900. You need to have your VAT number or NI reference.

Raising funds to help us in the future
We still have 1500 bags for life from the last flood campaign - they're £2 and the money raised helps the chamber use the funds with future marketing for the town. If you can help sell these, please let Steve know and we will get you some. Terry will collect sales money from you or you can give it to him at a meeting, whichever is easiest.

In the national news
The government has announced £50M to the flood effected areas with promises of money to businesses and residents.  We will keep pushing and as soon as any news breaks on this (how you can get this) we'll pass it on.


  • The Cockermouth Town Facebook page is going great, thanks to Tessa from Andessa.  Please like the page. If you have any offers or promotions you'd like to shout about, please use this Facebook page to boost your exposure.  It is a customer facing page and is about helping and promoting business to customers - please help us help you and repost, like etc
  • Cumbria Tourism as sending a special email newsletter to their 155,000 database this week saying 'we're open for business' so hope this will help generate some trade this weekend.

Top tips and ideas for flooded businesses
Here are some suggested strategies when dealing with the loss adjusters (abbreviated to LA below).  These are ideas from someone experienced so may help give some thoughts or ideas to help you.

  1. Chase the Insurance company every day until you get the answers you want.   You pay them a big premium so make them work for it.
  2. Ask your LA for an immediate payment to help with cash flow and to get you through until figures have been worked out
  3. Ask for interim payments rather than waiting until everything is completed
  4. Try and find some way to trade however small it will help your relationship with the loss adjuster
  5. If you are trading while trying to rebuild ask the LA about support / advertising to promote your business
  6. If you are unable to use your property and it is rented, stop paying the rent. The Landlord should be able to recover this on his insurance.  
  7. Contact HMRC and they will help you with deferred payments of ALL tax VAT & NI (Number above)
  8. If you can, run a diary of every time you speak or email the loss adjuster so you have complete timeline on everything
  9. Build a recovery plan (we'll work on this and share ideas with you if it'll help?)
  10. Photograph every single item you throw out

Remember the support

  • If anyone needs to relocate, or needs help or support, head to Christ Church (up from Wordsworth House) and there will be Allerdale BC and other people there to help.
  • BEC (Britain's Energy Coast) and Cumbria Chamber of Commerce both have representatives in the town visiting businesses and residents, please use them as they can help provide support and possible funding. They have set up a flood task group led by Joe Martin along with Shelly Gambles and Kate Garret.Contact numbers are: Britain's Energy Coast 01946 595285; Joe Martin - Mobile 07907 787178. Information can be found at the BEC website or will go out on their Twitter feed @BritEnergyCoast
  • We still have an army of support around us so if you need help with the ideas above or to clean or a shoulder to lean on, someone will be there for you, please just ask.
  • Allerdale's twitter feed @allerdale is a useful account to follow as this is updated with latest news from various agencies (electricity and others) as well as local information.
  • The Kirkgate is open for anyone who wants dry space, free wifi, tea and sympathy.   Anyone interested should call 01900 829966. They will also do their best to accommodate any local groups / classes that need to be temporarily re-homed.  Also plenty of meeting space available if needs be.
  • Cumbria Chamber of Commerce info pack
    Whether you've been flooded directly or are affected indirectly (for example through staff evacuations or your supply chain), download our Business Continuity Checklist for a list things to think about and do immediately and see our Business Recovery Toolkit for more information to support your recovery. Link to website
    Advisers are available, free of charge, to help you deal with the immediate impact and through the recovery process - call 0844 257 8450 or email info@cumbriagrowthhub.co.uk