2015 / 2016 AGM

Please remember the AGM is tongiht, Monday 8th February at 6pm at the Town Hall.  The election of the executive will be taking place so anyone who wants to be involved, please come along. 

For those who can't attend but can still support in other ways, do keep in touch.  There are many of you who are contributing and I'd like to thank everyone for their support this year.

The last 12 months have seen some amazing highlights to the hardest of challenges.  We begun the year finding a new direction with the survery and the results were clear - you wanted to re-energise the towns marketing.   A small marketing group was formed from a handful of local businesses who are leading the charge and coordinating the ideas and work. 

We have begun that journey with a new town page on Cumbria Tourism's website (GoLakes) to help promote us to their c2M visitors and started email marketing making use of their 160,000 email subscribers.  From the survey a member suggested town maps in car parks, that came to life just prior to Christmas helping to provide a valuable tool to help visitors to the town.

The Tour of Britain gave the town a spot light and the town shone.  The events continued to grow and provide more reasons to visit for locals and tourists with the Georgian Fayre and ending with a new Christmas Market and candlelight event, just days after the floods.

So what now and the year ahead?

We've still got a long way to go.   We will continue to work on the marketing ideas to build on what we've begun.  These include looking at ideas within Cumbria Tourism again, they've a big database we can utilse to reach the wider auidence.  We have a strong local community too and we can do more to engage them.  We are looking to grow our own database too for the years to come and have thoughts to promote what we have on offer in local and regional press.  Of course PR is a strong way to do this as well as information packs and leaflets of what's on and 'where to buy...', these ideas and more are being worked on. 

The late-night shopping events (coordinated by Andrew at Strolling for Shoes) will continue to grow too this year and the chambers marketing will link into these to support them where it can.  (Andrew already has a provisional list of dates throughout the year).

We can not replace your own marketing but support it.  We won't have all the answers which is why I encourage you all, if you've any ideas, please do let us know.  If you need support from the flood, please shout.  There is still a lot of support around and pots of money available for different things so do let us know if you want or need anything.

So again a plea, do come along tonight to the Town Hall at 6pm and support the chamber in the coming year.  If you're unable to come along, keep in touch and give us your ideas or support that can help make a real difference to support the business and local community.  There is a lot of work to do and the chamber is here to support you to promote the town and trade.  Everyone's help, even in a small way, can really make a difference.

Many thanks