Promotions or offers needed

In amongst everything, we are looking for offers and promotions that we can promote in the email out to our own list and others we can use with a Cumbria Tourism newsletter.

Do you have something we can shout about?  An offer, a promotion, a sale or something else?  Please let us know this week (before 1st August) so we can build this in to our plans in the next few weeks.  Please email with any offers/promotions.

Beginning of August Newsletter to 27,000 people

We are shortly going to send a email newsletter to a segment of Cumbria Tourism's database who want/like information on 'beyond the Lakes' (going out beginning of August) to try and 'make hay' over the summer to reach 27,000 people.

During August - newsletter to our own eamil list

We have also been growing our own email database so we can talk directly to our own customers.  This started in May and up to July had 300 subscribers.  We're now over 900 at time of writting and this will continue to grow, especially with the extra plugs in the newsletters. 

Ideas could include late availability or early booking for accommodation, vouchers for nights out, family discounts or just that you want to shout you're open.

Many thanks