French Student Work Placement in 2017

I met with Jacqueline Guilters from our twinned town Marvejols who is a teacher over this week as part of the week long visit.

They are looking for 3-4 retail shops/supermarkets and 2-3 beauty salons who would take a student for 4 weeks next year for a free work placement.  These students are amongst the best in class and are studying both retail and beauty and this would placement would form part of their assessment.

The retail shops covers all retail (charity shops, supermarkets, clothing, gifts/toys but sadly not hospitality) so please pass this on if you know of any shops/companies or salons who may be interested not on our circulation.

The students would work the days/hours required by you and would stay locally and would be accompanied by a teacher.  They would also be looking for:

  • Pubs, cafes or shops  for places to send the students for lunch and restaurants for evening meals. 
  • Hotels or B&Bs would be searched out too for places to place them all for their 4 week stay (clearly food and accommodation would be paid for but placements would not have any cost)

Jacqueline may be (or have) visited you to explore ideas and willingness but if they ran out of time, we have been approached to ask willing participants to get in touch so we can pass your details on.  (We would need your company name and registration number)

The time would likely be June next year or possibly December but more likey June.  Jacqueline would need to do some paperwork to get the funding and organise places to stay early next year.

If anyone is willing to take a keen student from our twinned town next year for 4 weeks or you're one of the potential food/accommodation suppliers willing to take the students (and be paid) then please get in touch with your company name, contact details and registration number.

Many thanks