Taste Cumbria meeting Monday 23rd January

A 2017 Taste Cumbria planning day will take place at Cockermouth Town Hall on Monday 23rd January and representatives from Cockermouth businesses are welcome to attend.

The meeting will run from 10am-2pm and a sandwich lunch will be provided. Please confirm your availability to megan.norwoood@cnmedia.co.uk along with any dietary requirements, so they can order lunch.

Please come with ideas, suggestions and enthusiasm to make the festival as good as it can be, for the benefit of the whole town.  This meeting is purely creative around content of the Cockermouth festivals, not around health and safety/road closures or licensing, but if anyone does have any comments on these areas, please forward them to marie.whitehead@cnmedia.co.uk asap so they can be included in the 2016 debrief report.