Flood insurance issues/concerns feedback required please

 The Implementation Unit in the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs look into priority policy problems and issues of concern for their respective Ministers.  The Secretary of State has asked them to do a deep dive into access to flood insurance for microbusinesses in high flood risk areas (in this case they’re defining microbusinesses as those with under 10 employees and a turnover of under £1.5m).  The aim with this piece of work is to build on what they already know and understand in more detail the circumstances of microbusinesses that have problems accessing flood insurance, and the specific causes of any problems you are experiencing.
A Defra representative from this unit is in town early next week and they are wanting feedback from effected businesses.

To help make an impact, we need to give feedback.  Can I ask please for anyone effected in insurance measures by the flood, to please let me know so we can feed this through next week when they visit on Wednesday (15th).  Please filter through to me on email on steve@flameconcepts.com

Many thanks