Marketing Cockermouth quick survey

Hi all,

Alongside the Cumbria Life ads and email newsletters from last year, we are looking to continue the campaign this year. We need to establish the want/desire and need for ideas - please take 30 seconds to complete this survey:

The ideas are so far:

  1. Continuation of Cumbria Life ads x 4 double page spreads during the year (1st just completed) (c£1070 total cost each ad)
  2. Email newsletters 
    1. x 3 with Cumbria Tourism (c£180 each)
    2. 2-3 for our own 2000 subscribers and 
    3. 1-2 alongside Trout's own (several thousand) subscriber database
  3. Direct leaflet drop - 1, 2 or 3 depending upon take up to the 6,000 addresses in the CA13 postcode area (c£650 each run)
    1. Themed for food/drink
    2. Themed for retail
    3. Themed for Christmas gifts, nights out, retail
  4. 'Cockermouth Dining Club' evening with John Crouch at 4 or 5 food/drink venues 
    1. Paid for by sales of tickets with revenue going to the venue for food/drink, John for time and then any card processing costs

To make these happen, we need shops, pubs, restaurants and businesses to participate and pay for slots in the advertising.  This ranges form £40+ on Cumbria Life and email newsletters to perhaps £60-£70 on the leaflet drops.  

These costs go to cover the cost of the adverts/printing only, nothing more.

Before we continue with these plans, we need:

1 - to confirm this advertising is wanted by chamber members and if so

2 - to confirm that businesses will pay to participate in these and supply funds and information promptly.

To that end, can I ask you please take a couple of minutes to complete this few question survey.