What next?

The meeting in September discussed 'what next' for the chamber with options for:

  • Putting the chamber into hibernation and keep the funds for emergency use 
  • Finding a new chair and other exec members to continue the chamber on to work on some schemes with a smaller pot as the emergency fund and balance for schemes and ideas
  • An idea to have a 'new rebranded chamber' split/company set up in addition to the chamber 

It was suggested that a survey of what members want is conducted to bring the results back to a meeting in October.

If you have any ideas for what you want the chamber to do next, if anything, please email us thoughts.  The previous survey said marketing overwhelmingly which we worked on.  This year however it was felt that was not the direction wanted so no additional marketing has taken place. 

Help us to find the right way forward for you all and if you are interested in helping to shape that future by volunteering on the executive please let us know.

Many thanks