Taste Cumbria

Cockermouth businesses have been given a free pitch this weekend in one of the big marquees for the Taste Cumbria event which will give us collectively a fantastic opportunity to promote our individual businesses.
This is the current plan:

Sonja from White & Green in Station Street will prepare the stand with a trestle table and display.  
Any business that wishes to advertise to take their leaflets/weekend promotions/vouchers etc the the stand on Saturday morning 9am onwards.
Shops have the opportunity to bring one item labelled with their shop name to have displayed – the idea is to show the variety of goods available in Cockermouth.  These will not be for sale but potential customers will be signposted to the shop.  Due to goods being on the stand it will need to be manned so volunteers are needed.  The more that volunteer the less time that everyone will have to do.  Let me know if you can help and for how long and whether am/pm/Saturday/Sunday then I will draw up a rota.  The added bonus of having the stand manned is that we can engage with the public and promote our shops, cafe’s and town in general however if there isnt enough help with this then it will have to be unmanned and be just leaflets which would be a lost chance for us all.  
Each business will be responsible for taking & collecting their items to & from the stand. 
If any of you have other ideas that can also be incorporated then please let me know.

 Hopefully many of you will take advantage of this opportunity especially after the recent positive meeting held so I look forward to hearing from you.
White & Green