Business and traders meeting

Letter from Ruth (Zebra)

Happy New Year!

At the meeting held on Monday 20th November 2017 at the Kirkgate Centre, it was agreed we would meet again following the collation of the ideas generated and information shared. That work has now been done and is attached.  It was also agreed that we would seek a meeting with Councillors and Officers from Cumbria County Council who have responsibility for all things to do with roads, car parking, signage etc etc. so that the long-term grievances, questions and suggestions raised at the November meeting in relation to these issues could be discussed directly with those who have the greatest influence/authority to effect change.

As a result a further meeting has been arranged for Monday 29th January 2018 at the Kirkgate Centre, commencing at 5.30pm.  The Agenda for the meeting is also attached and you will see that there will be  an opportunity to speak to and hear from Councillor Keith Little, who is the CCC Cabinet Member with responsibility for highways and Karl Melville, Senior Highways Manager   who will be in attendance.  

We realise that the date is rather short notice but we very much hope you will be able to attend, not least so that we might be able to agree, as a truly representative group, what some of our priority areas/topics/issues going forward might be

Many Thanks

Ruth (Zebra)

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